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I don’t belong to the cyber-world, am not on facebook and do not surf the net, so I never thought  that I would set up a blog site. However, there has been a spate of remarks made in the media these days about how important it is to know the past, that made me venture to do so. As a historian, I take an interest in this, especially when the statements are made by people in positions of some authority. I find myself going on and on about things when I come across such instances, so to spare my friends, discipline my thoughts and see what others may have to say about them, I write as mini myna.

The myna is a local bird, which looks rather stern in the picture (from Nature Watch, Nature Society’s magazine), but I’m reliably told  that it is an annoying pest and not very bright for a bird. That isn’t quite me, I don’t think, hence the qualification ‘mini’. Also I used to whiz around in a tiny two-door vehicle until Austin stopped producing them. As did Mr Bean, if I’m not mistaken.

I do not plan to blog regularly–only when I find a subject of interest to write about. Also, I will not try to be terribly current, even though I will be writing in response to newsworthy items. It takes a while for ideas to gel, and to craft something sound that I hope is deserving of the time it takes for you to read them.

I have left employment with the university, and am doing research on my own steam. I take a long time to read and write, so envisage that it will be at least a couple of years or more before a publication materialises, if at all, on Singapore politics in the early 1950s. In the meantime, I am one of those involved in putting out the e-journal, s/pores: new directions in singapore studies.

Hong Lysa

  1. Hello, Dr. Hong.

    We met in Singapore on May 14 at the occasion of book lauch for your books. Congratulations for the successful launch (in S’pore, KL and Penang).

    We discussed Nantah clousure issues few years ago by email, I wish to continue the discussion but I don’t have your new email address .

    Boon Kang 江学文 (Jiang1 Xue2 Wen2) Canada

  2. Yee Ting permalink

    Hi Dr. Hong,

    I am Yee Ting, a student researching on the history of the student movement for my A Level H3 exam. I have read quite a few of your related works, within and without the May 13 Generation, and I am very thankful for the level of insight you bring into this field. I would like to enquire where you obtained your resources of student publications from the 1940s and 1950s from. I ask because there isn’t much literature on the May 13 1954 movement – which is the particular focus of my research – so they would be hugely useful, if I manage to get hold of them. I’ve attached my email, and I would really appreciate it if you could get in touch? Thank you very much 🙂

    Best regards,
    Yee Ting

  3. Dear Lysa,

    I’m a lecturer in Politics at the University of Adelaide (Australia), and I’m currently organising a study tour to Singapore for later this year (Nov 30-Dec 12). The purpose of this study tour is to enable students to gain insights into the history, politics and identity of Singapore. We’d like to engage as much as possible with Singaporeans during the tour. I find your approach to history (e.g. national history as an open terrain for contestation) fascinating, and I would like to invite you to talk to our students and share your insights with us.

    If the idea appeals to you, please contact me at:


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